Corporate Wellness for workplace and home-working

We are internationally certified organisation and we are here to ensure you find a qualified yoga instructor, fitness instructor and professional nutritionist who is the right fit for you, your business or organisation. We create a customised programs and mindful office space. “In person” sessions, corporate wellness in London or Royal Tunbridge Wells and the surrounded areas in Kent. UK-wide Online classes and programs via different Online video platforms.

Meet the Team

Corporate fitness

Stephen Devine - Fitness

Steve is a health and fitness professional who specialises in helping men and women to hit their fitness goals. Whether the job involves corporate wellness presentations, hosting fitness competitions, or promoting celebrity fitness events Steve conveys his excitement for getting those around him involved in some form of fitness activity.

Corporate wellness in London

Margarita Anderson - Yoga

Margarita is an Internationally certified Yoga instructor with a corporate background. It provides her with the insight and knowledge to tailor unique yoga classes that are effective at helping stressed employees. She understands how physical well-being in the workplace is directly proportional to the effectiveness and performance of employees and business leaders.

Nutrition & Wellness coach

Matt McCourt - Nutritionist

Matt McCourt is a Nutrition & Wellness coach who prides himself on helping individuals become the best version of themselves. Matt aims to create sustainable practices to help people fall in love with nourishing themselves. By utilising an integrative wellness approach, combining nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching Matt can help you invest in your future health and prosperity.

People have high standards, which is why our professional team can offer different, dynamic and unique health, wellness and fitness programs which will directly benefit your health or the health of your employees. Our Wellness, Fitness and Yoga programs offer a wide range of Health Benefits to help You and Your team to Unwind, De-Stress and Relax. It is also a great way to Connect with Your Team outside of the work environment. As a result, the program will be improving the health of your company and your business.


Anytime that suites you

We work around your schedule
weekly, monthly or as a one-off event

All levels sessions

Tailor made sessions for different abilities
1:1, large or small groups

Online or In person

Online sessions or on-site in your workplace, private outdoor space or local park

Corporate wellness in London

How does it work?

  • Contact our professional team through below form or message us to book 15 minutes call in order to discus your requirements.
  • Based on your requirements we will create a unique customised fitness, yoga or wellness program specifically for you and your employees. 

We create a mindful office space “In person” or Online. We will teach your employees how to do exercises at their desks or at home to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Our corporate Health & Wellness programs will directly benefit your employees and as a result, improving the overall health and performance of your company.

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From one off events, weekly classes & 12 month programmes, we can help to plan your perfect wellness practice. 

Our clients

Find more information about Corporate Well-Being at workplace here or about Yoga benefits on NHS website

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