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Many corporate companies in the UK are seriously taking care of their employees and offer them a range after work activities. For the most part, it helps and supports their mental and physical health. In fact, corporate yoga in London is one of the leading activities employers provide to their employees nowadays.

Modern Corporate World

Nevertheless, the corporate world creates many different elements. Most of us are effected by elements such as stressful deadlines, over time and competition. Therefore, we desire to reach a high level of business in the corporate environment. 

In addition, we often spend long hours slouching over the desk. We unknowingly stretch the neck forward as we stare at the computer screen.

All the above elements combined are ultimately responsible for impairing the harmonious interplay of our body, mind and our spirit. Hence, it leads us, corporate workforces to various health problems.


Employees, who regularly practice yoga are more productive, creative, focussed and most importantly motivated."

Benefits of Corporate Yoga  

A growing number of employers are coming to yoga and well-being nowadays.

Regular yoga practice improves our physical and mental health. Altogether, yoga practice has been considered an effective way to decrease stress in our body and mind. Moreover, Yoga exercises are recommended by NHS as a practice that focuses to boost our general wellbeing.

As a result, this healthy approach leads us to a higher level of well-being, focus and performance. 

There has already been plenty of research and studies all around the world. All these studies are demonstrating the benefits of implementing yoga into corporate business.

According to the studies, yoga delivered only positive improvements to us. Employees, who regularly practice yoga are more productive, creative, focussed and most importantly motivated. They found themselves being better equipped to handle whatever challenges arise from day to day basis. 

Besides, the general mood is improved. As a result, sick days are taken fewer compare to employees who do not practice yoga.

Yoga for health in the office

 The main goal of corporate yoga is to enhance the mental and physical well-being of the workplace."

Corporate Yoga in London

Corporate Teamwork

Yoga allows employees to participate in a shared exercise experience regardless of their skill levels. It creates opportunities for them to bond together in a relaxed setting. In addition, yoga positively impacts teamwork and team spirit.

As Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist and philanthropist, said: “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Yoga at workplace supports your and your employee’s health and well-being. It grows your company and your bottom line from productive workers.

If you think corporate yoga can help your particular business, get in touch with us. 

We can create a customised program and mindful office space “In person” or Online. Our professional team of qualified instructors offer corporate yoga and wellness sessions in London. 

As well as that, we work with corporate companies in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas of Kent. Our classes and programs are available UK-wide via different Online video platforms.

Our tailored corporate yoga programs will directly benefit the health of your employees. As a result, the program will be improving the health of your company.

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